The Story

Food, Wine, Friends, Times. Biutiful By The Sea times.
Good eating deserves good drinking. Good drinking deserves good friends. Good friends deserve good times. Biutiful times. By the sea.
Our new seaside pearl location on Fratelli Beach: Biutiful By The Sea!

With a unique design pattern, focused on smooth lines, summer warm colours, shifting beams, combining wood with soft pillows and steel chandeliers with abundant light, Biutiful By The Sea is an incredible relaxing, yet energising daily destination, during the day time or at evening for a drink with friends, dinner, good music and an incredibly routine disruptive atmosphere.
The new location is right on the beach, creating the perfect balance between sand, comfortable seats, sky and sea. It should be of no surprise that you will fall in love with Biutiful By The Sea, like with its other two internationally awarded siblings, Biutiful By The Lake and Biutiful by Fratelli in Bucharest.

Make sure to join us daily, 9:30 AM – 11:00 PM. We’ll welcome you with top class cocktails, a fine selection of wines and the Biutiful menu, including the famous burger, slaws and salads, sea specialties and sweet delights, our incredible Mitzu too – a crunch walnut meringue with vanilla cream.
And do keep in mind that on Thursdays nights, Biutiful By The Sea hosts beach parties starting 8:00 PM, with even more summer vibes and the perfect set-up for mid week parties, warm-up for the weekend clubbing.