The Story

We’re lending you a hand this summer, as we offer the perfect excuse for doing nothing!
They say that time you enjoy wasting is not wasted at all, so with this in mind we designed a Biutiful place with a lake view.

On the banks of Herastrau Lake, this floating terrace is a brighter and lighter version of the already classic Bucharest venue.
Opened only on summer days (nights too), Biutiful “by the lake” brings together the best of two worlds, as the seaside feeling of the lake shore meets the hot, crowded city life. In store for this place are relaxing moments with friends, filled with the beautifully wild feelings of the surroundings.

Our chefs outdid themselves again, as they introduced a cool menu, based on salads, oriental spices and a wonderful Robata grill. The word of the day is “fresh”, as we are planning to supply the vitamins and healthy tastes of summer!

You can find us every day in 7-9 Nordului Street, starting from 12.00pm until 1.00am, except Mondays when it’s opened from 3.00pm until 1.00am.